Farewell, Precious Human. You Lived Well.


Imagine this as the “fabric of life.”

Disclaimer: Lengthy diatribe. May contain macabre elements. The foregoing picture has no direct correlation with the content below. It merely serves as a metaphor for the “fabric of life” and the strands that inadvertently fell off or were deliberately cut or discarded.

I passed by her home earlier – the place where she was robbed and brutally murdered. There were several people hovering at the small parking space near the entrance while a large flat screen TV played on. The motorcycle sped by so it was hard to see what the commotion was about. I suppose a memorial took place and snippets of her earthly sojourn were displayed.

She had been living there for five months before that tragic incident happened. Her house faces the mountain road going to Upper Busay, right at the mouth of a makeshift pathway that leads to the back portion of our subdivision. I must have passed there hundreds of times (even stopping by a few times to scan the structure when it was still under construction). And I never knew… until she died.

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Love Without Borders: A Postmodern Self-Contemplation on Homosexuality

For fans of Japanese animation and manga (comics), Yaoi is one of the most popular taboo words. My introduction sounds oxymoronic to say the least. Still and all, Yaoi is not as widely accepted as other animé and manga genres despite its remarkable female fanbase all over the world. To those who are completely ignorant and unaware of Yaoi, I took some passages from Wiki to inform you about it:

… known as Boys’ Love, [Yaoi] is a popular Japanese term for female-oriented fictional media that focus on homoerotic or homoromantic male relationships, usually created by female authors.

From the passage above, you can already surmise that Yaoi is a sensational depiction of male to male relationships – according to a woman’s point of view. As to whether or not these imagined homo love affairs reflect a parcel of truth… only the homos (and their closest buddies and confidants) can tell. In my opinion, however, it does not matter even if the imagination of female mangakas like Yamano Ayane, Shimizu Yuki, Nitta Youka or Makoto Tateno go overboard, to the point that even anal sex appears so heavenly and exciting to readers. So who cares about explicit S&M between men? Who cares about older yakuza leaders preying upon beautiful young boys or two porn actors falling in love with each other? Moreover, what’s the big deal about an alpha male drug snatcher who eventually gives in to the advances of his gay partner? All these extraordinary events have entertained me ever since I started reading Yaoi mangas. But that’s beside the point.

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