The Story of A Girl

In a bid to help me with my writing journey (yes, I’m collecting materials I could use to fuel my imagination and drive), a friend shared his stories of heartbreak and unrequited love. He went through hell and high water. Man, what a martyr kind of guy with little romantic luck to dispose of (not that I have much luck either). I did my best not to weep since I’m currently going through a similar experience. Tired of recounting his misery, he asked me to do the sharing this time.

Honestly, though, I’m really bad at telling personal stories (particularly when there’s a lot of pain involved). I don’t want to sound cheesy, sappy and bitter. Heaven knows tales of love and loss are rarely told without these common ingredients. I guess the best way to share my story is to tell it fairy tale style. If you’re interested in reading it, then read on. I guarantee you it’s simple, matter-of-fact and devoid of fluff (but you don’t have to believe me, you know).

And so we start: Continue reading


Measure for Measure

Some rise by sin, and some by virtue fall.

~ Measure for Measure 2.1.42

No copyright infringement intended. Shakespeare’s play and the recent drama in my life have simply inspired me to come up with this title. Yes, I’m going through something I can’t quite put into words.

It always bothers me because I’m not trying hard to be different. Try as I might, I just couldn’t be like everyone else. My personality, the way I am and perhaps the way I was designed by the heavens do not seem to fit into the scheme of things. And because I don’t bother to explain myself to others – yes, even to the people I hold dear – they always get the wrong measure of me. Continue reading