The Story of A Girl

In a bid to help me with my writing journey (yes, I’m collecting materials I could use to fuel my imagination and drive), a friend shared his stories of heartbreak and unrequited love. He went through hell and high water. Man, what a martyr kind of guy with little romantic luck to dispose of (not that I have much luck either). I did my best not to weep since I’m currently going through a similar experience. Tired of recounting his misery, he asked me to do the sharing this time.

Honestly, though, I’m really bad at telling personal stories (particularly when there’s a lot of pain involved). I don’t want to sound cheesy, sappy and bitter. Heaven knows tales of love and loss are rarely told without these common ingredients. I guess the best way to share my story is to tell it fairy tale style. If you’re interested in reading it, then read on. I guarantee you it’s simple, matter-of-fact and devoid of fluff (but you don’t have to believe me, you know).

And so we start: Continue reading