The Story of A Girl

In a bid to help me with my writing journey (yes, I’m collecting materials I could use to fuel my imagination and drive), a friend shared his stories of heartbreak and unrequited love. He went through hell and high water. Man, what a martyr kind of guy with little romantic luck to dispose of (not that I have much luck either). I did my best not to weep since I’m currently going through a similar experience. Tired of recounting his misery, he asked me to do the sharing this time.

Honestly, though, I’m really bad at telling personal stories (particularly when there’s a lot of pain involved). I don’t want to sound cheesy, sappy and bitter. Heaven knows tales of love and loss are rarely told without these common ingredients. I guess the best way to share my story is to tell it fairy tale style. If you’re interested in reading it, then read on. I guarantee you it’s simple, matter-of-fact and devoid of fluff (but you don’t have to believe me, you know).

And so we start:

Once upon a time, there was an idealistic girl who read and wrote too much. She believed that there’s a great love out there meant only for her. And so she decided to wait and remain pure for a person that’s worth it, even as her friends and contemporaries hopped on from one relationship to another. She became their “diary” and “secret keeper” until each one of them found the happily ever after they deserved.

Alas, life happened. She grew up recklessly risking her feelings for four different guys she did love with all that she had. All those guys have one thing in common: empty words. Most of them got tired of the chase they started out on their own.

Thankfully, though growing up corrupted her mind and a part of her was lost out of love, she still holds on to the last vestiges of purity left in her, promising to the heavens that she will keep her remaining virtue as a gift to the person brave enough to put up with her quirks for a lifetime.

He may or may not come but she will nevertheless strive to live a happy, selfless, generous and exciting life.

The end.


Yes, that’s this girl’s story – my story¬† – and it’s still being written.

So while I wait for the next chapters to unfold, I’m going to take on the role of a modern-day troubadour and inspire you with beautiful stories from people you’ve never met so that even if your hearts break and you feel like life is being unfair, you will continue to believe in the power of love.

Stay tuned (online or at the nearest bookstore)! *evil laugh*