Insecurities and All that Jazz

Tell me about someone who’s never had insecurities and I’ll show you how to travel to outer space with nothing but the clothes on your back.

I’m being sarcastic, yeah.

Everyone, at some point in their lives, one way or another, has a beef with themselves. Some people struggle to be comfortable in their own skin – this cruel world be damned. Others don’t have much luck and fall prey to feelings of bitterness and frustration. There are also those who couldn’t be bothered to entertain their flaws and navigate through society wearing a mask until an unresolved internal conflict hits them right smack on the face.

So is there a cure to all our insecurities? Can we ever get rid of them?

The answer is NO.

For as long as you remain a human being, you will continue to have doubts and the confidence you thought you mastered will also fluctuate from time to time at various instances in your life. And because you can’t get rid of something that naturally comes to every human person, your best recourse is to be more understanding and accepting rather than condemning.

Accept the fact that humans have never come close to perfection. That our daily struggles are filled with mistakes, wrong decisions and negative emotions. Even so, there is more to being human. We can laugh our hearts out, care for others, fight for our beliefs, make friends, find ways to be happy and love so much only because we’re heavily flawed.

Allow me to share these words of wisdom from one of my all-time favorite anime characters, Keima Katsuragi of The World God Only Knows fame:

I believe that the ideal world lies somewhere, but that world may not necessarily be a perfect world. Are flaws really bad? Because they are not perfect they become worried… they don’t stand still and instead move forward. After they become perfect, they will stand still. Incompleteness is the ideal.

In a world like that, there’d be no need for love anymore either. If everyone were perfect, there would be no need to look out for others. Sympathy or love is needed because people are imperfect. A perfect human cannot love anyone.

If you want to move forward in this life, stop bitchin’, complaining, comparing and putting the blame on others. Own up to every mistake and every error you make and apologize to those you’ve inadvertently or deliberately hurt or inconvenienced. By accepting who you are, forgiving yourself and exerting enough effort to learn from every wrong turn, you become a better person.

Right, Keima-kun?



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